2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 9

Today’s prompt conjured up images of a  wet nose, begging eyes and a tail wagging at the speed of light. I had to write about a dog. Missing my sweet Dobby very much!

Day 9 prompt: Write a shelter poem

We found him during a storm
A tiny, shivering ball of fur
Whimpering in the pouring rain
A little puppy seeking shelter

‘Mangy he is’ said mother
But we did not pay her any heed
With an umbrella over our heads
We took him some bread to feed

At first he growled at us softly
It was funnier than it was scary
When he saw we meant no harm
Took a few steps, hesitant, wary

Three bites was all it took
For him to start slobbering on us
We begged our parents to keep him
Hearing our pleas they did not fuss

We named him Lil Typhoon
And he lived up to his name
Slipper, rugs, Mummy’s purse
Left within reach became fair game

He lived with us for twelve years
Loving us till his very last breath
We will meet again dear Typhoon
When we seek shelter in that Land of Faith

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Author: meanderingaway

A passion for writing has at last culminated into a book (www.facebook.com/OfLoveAndLovers) and now I am proud to call myself an author.

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