2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 8

Not much of a preamble. Tried something new here, three words to every sentence. I am not sure if this is an actual poetic form but if it isn’t, well I may have invented something new :D. By the way this is my favourite till now.

Day 8 prompt: Write a violent and / or peaceful poem

Strife torn lands
Blood soaked sands
Smoky, acrid air
Bombs dropped here
An orphaned child
Scared, unkempt, wild
Soldiers lie bleeding
Vultures come feeding
Bereaved families wail
‘Tis war’s tale

Clear, blue skies
Underneath, beauty lies
Laughing voices sound
Happiness spreads around
Sweethearts making love
Birds chirping above
Mothers with children
Unscarred men, women
Flowers blooming bright
‘Tis peace alright

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