2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 7

This one was quite the challenge. It’s funny how difficult it is to portray oneself in words. And here we think we know ourselves the best.

Day 7 prompt: Write a self portrait poem

Growing up I had a wish
To study at Oxford or Harvard
Years went by, priorities changed
This dream got buried in life’s graveyard
Following the footsteps of millions
Seemed to be an option ever so safe
I just wasn’t ready to risk it all
Yet somewhere something began to chafe
I poured my heart out in words
Wrote about the desires of my soul
Suddenly my regrets began to fade
Writing was what made me whole
Still I am a prisoner of the past
Unable to let go of the security it gives
How do I chuck it up and follow my heart?
Its not as easy as the world believes

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