2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 6

Finally I am back in the virtual world. However I did get more done these last few days than when I am stuck to the web all day. Anyway, need to clear the backlog now. Stay tuned for more!

Day 6 prompt: Write a night poem

It is the night of the full moon
The werewolf comes out to prowl
Leaves rustle as it moves through the bushes
Preparing to unleash its unearthly howl
Hark! a sound; it checks its voice
The smell of fresh blood is in the air
A young woman walking by, all alone
Listening to music, oblivious to danger
It follows her unseen through the lighted streets
Hidden in the shadows, patient and still
Finally she turns into a deserted alley
Its excitement peaks; it’s time to kill
The predator swiftly makes its move
Pouncing upon the prey in the blink of an eye
Before she can cry out it is already over
It laps up her blood as it watches her die
Satiated and full, it leaves the place
Leaving her ravaged body lying on the street
Before it melts away into the darkness
It howls at the moon to complete its treat
I speak of those who prey on women
Not a mythical monster from a fairytale
They are the scourge of our nation today
It’s not a story but a threat very real

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