2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 5

Apartment shifting, no internet connectivity and the result: severe backlog in uploading poems. Here’s Day 5, more to follow.

Day 5 prompt: Write a poem about discovery

It lay obscured in a dark corner
The beautifully crafted wooden chest
We were packing up grandma’s things
It had been a week since we laid her to rest

A brooch, three rings, an old journal
Nestled among mothballs and scraps of lace
Below the diary lay an old photograph
There stood grandma with a smile on her face

She was young, maybe eighteen or twenty
A young man had his arm around her
Tall and handsome, in a well cut suit
It was a shock to see it wasn’t grandfather

‘When was this taken’ I wondered aloud
‘Turn it over, there might be a date’
Lo and behold, there it was
In faded ink, January nineteen fifty eight

The mystery photograph intrigued us
We read the journal for a clue
It spoke of a love story hitherto unknown
Sentimental and sweet yet tragic too

They were in love, Gran and the man
When Fate destroyed their plans
A fatal accident took him away for good
Leaving Gran to nurse her broken heart in silence

Then one day she met my Gramps
His love helped her overcome her sorrow
Together they build a wonderful life
Creating a legacy that lives on, today and tomorrow

With the last breath that left her body
I wonder whose face did she see
This unexpected discovery in grandma’s attic
Suddenly became so very special for me

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