2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

We are shifting houses over the weekend and I was busy packing all day. Didn’t get much time to think on today’s prompt and in the fading hours of the day, came up with this. It’s not great by literary standards, not by far, but what the heck! PAD is all about having fun while writing poetry. Enjoy!

Day 4 prompt: Since {insert word or phrase}

Its been a while since I met you
Oh Inspiration, where art thou!
I am stuck in a permanent rut
Like a faulty engine that just won’t start
Where ideas once flowed like water
There now sits a blank piece of paper
Spouting nonsense in sheer desperation
I am trying hard to contain my frustration
When will I write again, I silently ask
Getting into the groove is no easy task
Stop me from sinking into this well of despair
Come to me my Muse, my saviour

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