2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

Again late! I did write this yesterday though. Now I have got to write today’s poem.

Day 3 prompt: write a message poem


I stare listlessly out of my window
Tears dried up in eyes that do not blink
Hollowness gnaws at my heart
I have lost my ability to think

I relive the horror day and night
My screams echo in my head
Their faces lurk in my mind
Leering as they leave me for dead

I had just wanted to watch a movie
Hit some stores and grab a bite
I had many plans but never knew
What awaited in the shadows of the night

They took me from a public place
Mute spectators gathered all around
I cried in fear, begged for help
But no one could hear my sound

Over and over they tore into me,
Satiating their lust like hungry beasts
Deaf to my pleas and cries of pain
Predators enjoying their forbidden feasts

They dumped me on the road, bleeding and numb
Left to rot like a piece of flesh
Medical aid saved my body for sure
My mind remained forever a mess

Those rapists are still at large
Society looks upon me with shame
‘Why were you out so late?’
They ask as if I was to blame

Hear my words loud and clear
All you pseudo upholders of morality
I won’t be cowed by the likes of you
Don’t mistake my fear for my frailty

I am she, the fountain of life
In my womb does mankind arise
You have abused and decimated me enough
In doing so you hasten your own demise

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