2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

I am posting Day 1 and Day 2 poems simultaneously as I am somewhat behind in publishing myblog posts. Keeping fingers crossed that going forward I will post a different poem everyday. Or maybe, more than one in a day! Well that’s optimism for you!

Day 2 prompt: Write a voyage poem

Eons I have roamed the streets
In search of my own existence
Generations have come and gone
Yet I rarely show up on life’s lens

Man has searched for me high and low
No stone left upturned in his quest
Failure is what he usually gets
Deaf to my heart beating in his breast

He who finds me is indeed special
Clean in his mind, innocent of guile
He desires not wealth nor power
It’s the little things that make him smile

His heart holds no place for war and strife
He years to accept, not discriminate
I am Happiness and that is my home
Not a heart that is full of hate

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