2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 1

With an active almost 8 month old clamoring for my attention every waking second, writing had become a distant dream. I was pretty mad at myself but could not find the motivation to get off my butt, metaphorically, and do something about it. That is when I chanced upon the 2014 April Poem-A-Day (PAD) challenge on WritersDigest.com. Simply put, a new prompt would be published everyday in the month of April, inviting writers to pen one or more poems based on the prompt. There is no need to share your work on the Writers Digest blog but if you do so you stand the chance of getting your poem(s) published. No doubt that is an added incentive but the main attraction, for me at least, was that it gave me a schedule of sorts to get back to writing. Also years of writing prose had disconnected me from writing poetry – something that marked the beginning of my journey of creative writing. I had a yearning to get back to my roots, so to speak, and so decided to plunge headlong into this challenge. So put on those critic caps, dear readers, and encourage me to see April through. And do let me know if any of you are taking part in PAD 2014 as well.

Day 1 prompt: Write about a beginning and/or an ending


A meeting of two hearts
Two sweaty bodies entwining
Millions racing for a single prize
The herald of a new life is beginning.

Years pass, life makes it way
Childhood, youth come and go
Ravages of time work silently
Till it strikes its ftal blow.

Withered cheeks, sunken eyes
A broken husk, bereft of health
A body that is old and greying
Waiting for the finality of death

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