Sky is the limit!

This happened when I was travelling to Toronto with my father by Alitalia airlines. The route we were on was Mumbai – Milan – Toronto. The first leg of the flight, that is Mumbai to Milan was pretty much uneventful. The fun began as we were waiting to board the craft at Milan airport for the onward journey. A little while before boarding was due to start, there an announcement that due to some technical issues, there was a change of crafts and boarding passes needed to be reissued at the boarding gate. Everyone accordingly got this done and then boarding commenced. We were a bit behind in line and walked onto the craft to find utter chaos. Apparently, the boarding passes had been reissued randomly which meant that families had been allocated seats in different rows instead of together. The icing on the cake was when we finally got to our seats and found that the seat allocated to my Dad had been given to another gentleman as well. The cabin of an international flight had turned into the local fish market as passengers clamored for the cabin staff to sort out the seating issues. After about forty five minutes delay the flight finally took off, leaving us wondering how could a major international carrier create so much chaos over a simple change of crafts.


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