Purani Jeans – 2

Another incident, another memory. This was back in Class VII. Our Geography teacher was usually woefully out of her depth when it came to maintaining order in a classroom filled with around 40 rowdy boys. She finally decided that making the girls and boys sit together allow the girls to exercise their calming influence on the boys. Needless to say that was one plan that backfired spectacularly as the girls became more talkative instead.

This incident happened the day we were studying the African continent. Our teacher was pointing out different places on the atlas and she was having some trouble locating Rwanda Burundi. I was sitting with a couple of good friends and we were not paying the slightest attention to the lesson as we were chatting and giggling away happily. Unfortunately this did not go unnoticed by our teacher and she hauled us up in front of the whole class to give us an earful.

As she demanded to know what we were talking about, we bowed our heads, hoping to escape her tirade by a convincing show of penitence. As luck would happen, my eyes fell on the open page of my atlas and miraculously I saw the small area marked Rwanda Burundi barely visible in a corner of the map.

“Ma’am we found Rwanda Burundi” I announced triumphantly, much the same way Christopher Columbus would have announced his discovery of America. Funnily enough, our teacher actually thought we were trying to locate that place on the map and let us off the hook. To this day I chuckle at the thought of how a chance geographical ‘discovery’ got us out of trouble with an angry teacher.

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