The Lover

He wandered on his own, a lonely, solitary being,
Tears brimming in downcast eyes, open yet unseeing.
Deep within, his shattered heart still thudded on,
Crying out for his lost love, from dusk to dawn.

In the glowing moon he saw his beloved’s face,
The nightingale seemed to sing only her praise,
The cool breeze teased him in her lighthearted way,
The stars shone like her eyes, sparkling and gay.

She had been his inspiration, his reason to live,
Death snatched her away, leaving him to silently grieve,
A tiny cold body had been laid to rest next to her,
A young mother and her firstborn, eternally together.

Compassion for the bereaved husband was felt by everyone,
One and all came to mourn the widower’s wife and son.
But the girl herself was mourned only by this childhood lover
With unrequited love concealed within his heart forever.


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