There was great disquiet in Thandai Land. Mr. A, a corpulent gentleman with a ruddy face was particularly loquacious.

“There is no question that my family has been settled in Thandai Land for ages now. We always have been faithful servants of the Family and we would gladly lay down our lives for them. But now we commoners are being shunted aside for so-called Royalty. This is neglect, no this is discrimination, pure and simple.”

“Discrimination is rarely simple and never pure” spoke up a quavering voice.

All present turned to look at the speaker, Mr. B. Once a fine specimen of youth and virility, he was now reduced to a shriveled state. His bones had gone all soft and squishy while his skin, once dazzling with the radiance of the sun, was now blackened and stinking. He hobbled into the midst of the crowd, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the others were surreptitiously trying to avoid the stench emanating from him.

“That’s neither here nor there” said Mr. A impatiently. “We are being discriminated against, that’s the main point. Just look at yourself old man, isn’t your condition the result of the same thing? Look at him friends. And who is responsible for our sorry state? Someone who thinks she has the right to rule over us.”

A great deal of murmuring broke out at these words.  Everyone seemed to be in agreement with whatever Mr. A was saying. Mr. A himself was shaking his head angrily. Yet no one knew what to do next; taking on the Family was not an easy task. Mr. B stood forlornly in a corner. Suddenly a sweet female voice piped up from somewhere behind all of them.”

“I have something to say.”

The speaker was a young lady, Miss M, the very Royal personage who was the reason behind all the tumult. With her generous, curvy proportions, skin of polished gold and “come hither” looks, it was no wonder that the Family had become so enamored of her. Even the irate Mr. A was awed into an admiring silence for a few moments. The vision of beauty continued speaking in her melodious voice.

“I know that my arrival has disturbed you all and I apologize for that. I have been bred and nurtured to be a royal; so that I can wield more power than all of you but my ultimate fate will be no different than yours.”

The silence that followed was abruptly broken when all the fruits were removed from the chilled freezer (Thandai Land) to make a fruit salad for dinner. Corpulent Mr. A(pple) and the luscious Miss M(ango) complemented each other’s taste to perfection as did the other fruits. But poor, spoilt Mr. B(anana) was thrown unceremoniously into the garbage bin.

Thus did the battle between the common fruits and the King of fruits, the mango end. Yet the cold war will continue for in mango season, other fruits are destined to remain forgotten.


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